November 4, 2016 Episode 34: Final Evolutions, Freaky Tikis, and Long Awaited Reunions

Opening Theme: “Route 11 Pokemon Guitar Cover” by FamilyJules7x

Additional Music: “Olivine City (Remix)” by Mewmore

After months of speculation and leaks all but confirming the designs, the final evolutions for the starters have been revealed. What do Dozer, Queenie, and Cy have to say about these designs, the Island Guardian Quartet, and a certain little Smog Monster. Also we find out that four iconic trainers are returning for this game, so we give our opinions on who else should go on vacation, to the Alola region.

NOTE: There are some big “SPOILERS” between 37:30 and 42:10 of this episode. There is warning within the episode, but we wanted to give a heads up here as well.

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